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We always need Member Volunteers. It's a great way to become part of your association's endeavors.

It would be very helpful if you can supply us with some information on your background, occupation, profession or special skills and interests. Even if you do not have time to serve on a Committee, we still might be able to call upon you as an "Information Resource".

Besides your being an "Information Resource", we have a number of Committees, existing or forming, and we may be able to use you as a volunteer on one of these Committees. Please submit your name for those in which you may have an interest; the Board will select members and chairmen for these. A Committee Charter will define the goals of the Committee's work, to assist in being assure that your efforts will be a well defined and efficient use of your time while working on a Committee.

Please fill out the information using the convenient online form.

Thank You!



2018 Garage Sale Dates:

March 9-10-11th
October 12-13-14th

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