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What are the boundaries of Tatum Ranch?
Tatum Ranch is a master-planned community in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is considered a part of the city of Phoenix. It is part of the Upland Sonoran Desert life zone and includes seven arroyos (gullies) that extend northwest to southwest. The community includes 3,418 homes along with the Terra Vista Condominiums, Azure Creek apartments and a small collection of commercial sites. The community lies six miles south of Cave Creek and five miles north of the 101 Freeway. The community features the Cave Creek Road Scenic Highway Corridor landscaped with natural desert plants and shrubs.
What events does TRCA host for the residents?
TRCA hosts events year-round for our residents. Community Garage Sales are held the 2nd week in March and October. We host 1st Saturday Breakfasts every month. We also host a Homeowner Appreciation event. Please visit our EVENT section of our website for dates and times of all our events.
Does TRCA have my correct mailing address?
If you are a resident who does not spend the full year in Tatum Ranch, or if you are a Homeowner that rents out their property, please update your information by contacting our office.
How do my quarterly assessment dollars work?

Quarterly assessments pay for the following services provided by the Tatum Ranch Community Association:
• Professional and financial management of the Association, to include budgeting.
• Maintaining Historical records, books, and required minutes of all Board and Committee meetings.
• Maintenance of architectural control records and procedures.
• Carrying out CCRs and Guidelines for Community Living.
• Providing home resale documentation and support.
• Liability insurance for Tatum Ranch common areas and vehicles.
• Directors and officer’s insurance for Board of Directors.
• Landscape maintenance of 55 acres of Tatum Ranch common area.
• Maintenance of 26 miles of block wall and fence.
• Refurbishment of common areas.
• Tatum Talk newsletter mailed 6 times a year to all homeowners, and commercial entities.
• Upkeep of 5600 square foot community building.
• Preparation for Annual Meeting, brunch, and election of Board of Directors, and Architectural Committee.
• Facilitating Board, Committee, Annual, and other meetings.
• Filing tax returns.
• Facilitating the annual audit and reserve study.
• Self management of Tatum Ranch business by staff (not a management company).
• Assuring cost effective performance of vendors and contractors.
• Event planning for yearly Homeowner events to include, Desserts with Santa, Halloween/Harvest Festival, New Homeowner Meet and Greet, Homeowner Appreciation wine and cheese event, Annual Meeting brunch.

How can I get my latest statement or ledger?

You can call our office and we will be more than happy to email it to you.

Can TRCA take payment over the phone?

TRCA is unable to take a payment over the phone at this time.

Can you tell me what color my house was painted in?

Yes, homeowners submit a paint application when they paint their home. This allows us to keep the record for the homeowner should they lose track of the colors used. If you would like to find out what colors your house is painted, please contact the office.

Why can’t I park on the street overnight?

Overnight parking is not permitted in Tatum Ranch, due to congestion on the streets. Emergency vehicles and garbage trucks must be able to get through our streets at any given time. Guests may park in the street for limited time periods, but may not park overnight.

How can we drain our pool, and how do we find the sewer line connection for pool backwashing or draining?

The sanitary sewer cleanout is usually located next to the house at the point closest to the city sewer line and can usually be found outside a bathroom or kitchen. On some older homes, the cleanout is located in the wall; on other homes it is at ground level but may be hidden or covered. A threaded black cap, 3 to 4 inches in diameter, covers the opening. If you cannot locate the cleanout, call the City of Phoenix Storm Water Management at 602-256-3190.



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