Cave Creek, AZ – January 20, 2023 – Tatum Ranch is pleased to announce the appointment of David Roland as the new Manager for the Tatum Ranch Community Association. With a wealth of experience in community development and a passion for creating vibrant spaces, Roland brings a dynamic leadership style to enhance the community association’s role in implementing key initiatives from the board while improving overall quality of amenities for residents.

David Roland’s Background: David Roland brings with him a robust background in leadership through his military positions. Prior to joining Tatum Ranch, Roland served as [Previous Position] at [Previous Organization], where he successfully [highlight a significant achievement or project]. His dedication to fostering community engagement and his collaborative management style aligns seamlessly with the values of Tatum Ranch.

Key Achievements and Expertise: Roland’s career has been marked by [mention any notable achievements, awards, or projects], showcasing his ability to drive positive change and create inclusive spaces. His expertise in [mention specific skills or areas of focus] positions him as a valuable asset to Tatum Ranch as the community continues to grow and evolve.

A Vision for Tatum Ranch Community Association: “I am honored to be part of the Tatum Ranch community and excited to take on the role of Manager for the Association. My vision is to enhance the amenities, offerings and level of service to support the diverse needs and interests of our residents. I look forward to working closely with the community to enhance the association’s offerings and create valuable experiences for the residents,” said David Roland.

Welcoming David Roland: Tatum Ranch is enthusiastic about the addition of David Roland to its leadership team and looks forward to the positive impact his experience and vision will bring to the Tatum Ranch Community Association. The community anticipates enhanced programs, events, and a strengthened sense of unity under Roland’s guidance.

The Tatum Ranch Community Association serves as the governing body which implements policies, procedures and enhances amenities for the betterment of the community and each resident.